This South African edition of a new occupational health and safety handbook will be a most welcome addition to the SA Occupational SHE scene.

With the recent growth of interest to study and work in the field of occupational health & safety, this book takes the reader and student “back to the basics”, and will make a significant contribution in skilling prospective SHE practitioners and increasing the knowledge of others who may read or study it.

Containing about 400 pages of information, it will be a welcome addition to the library of any SHE practitioner, engineer and any other person who has an interest in creating a safe workplace.

Readers and students will find the text easy to read and the illustrations easy to follow which means that beginners in the field will obtain much benefit in using this as their first, basic source of reference. It will also be valuable to the list of “must read” and reference publications of chief executive officers, engineers and other top managers who often have an awesome responsibility for the health and safety of the workers in their enterprise.

Universities and other tertiary educational institutions will find the book a very handy source for prescribing to their students whilst libraries would do well to make it available to the wider public.

This book is available as a digital download via Snapplify click here to purchase and download the book.


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